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And the second is if you like a plan with oodles of data. Plus, if you're looking for a network that's going to send freebies and rewards to your inbox every week, Three has just improved on that side of things, too.

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You get access to the Wuntu app, which gives you free coffees, cheap lunches and big discounts. There used to be two available plans: Essential and Advanced but as of September, you can now only get an Advanced plan, you can find out more about it below. So make yourself comfortable with the network's Feel At Home extra - unlimited use of your data, calls and texts in 60 other countries, including the US and Australia. Plus, you can use your phone as a Personal Hotspot from which to tether your laptop or tablet.

If you're at the end of your contract or blagged a friend's old unlocked phone, then grabbing a Three SIM card is undeniably cost effective. But if you're starting afresh with a new phone, you get no discernible benefit from heading down the handset and SIM only combo road with Three. You can head to our mobile phone deals page to compare contract prices of the latest, greatest handsets around.

Give your current network a call on one of the below numbers , ask for your PAC - short for Porting Authorisation Code - give it to Three and they'll gladly transfer over your old telephone number. So no need to send out a text to your entire contacts list with a new number:. Easy, right? But not so easy if you were already on Three and then decided to go for one of the deals in our comparison chart that isn't directly with Three. Three won't give you a PAC in this situation, so instead you'll have to grab the cheapest free pay-as-you-go SIM you can find from another network e.

Once your number has transferred to the substitute network, call them for a second PAC. Then you can give this to Three and continue using that same telephone number. A convoluted but handy workaround. Three used to be a little bit stingy when it came to free gifts.

That was until it unleashed the Wuntu app, which gives users of the Three network a selection of discounts, freebies and competitions every week. In the past we've seen free coffees, meals out and cinema tickets. So a nice little perk if you're weighing up Three against another network. If Three is where your heart is, then you may already know that it ships all of its phones completely unlocked.

That means you can put a SIM card from any network in your handset and you're good to go. Unfortunately, not all networks are as profligate in this regard. Some networks require you to pay to unlock your mobile and Apple iPhones are generally locked completely to the network they were originally sold with.

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Here's how the other major networks operate:. We hate to sound glib we really do , but it doesn't really matter if you're moving to Three. Whatever plan you choose, you'll receive a 'trio-sim'. Three gives you the choice between signing up for a whole year, or paying a little more for 1 month at a time. It may cost you a few quid extra per month, but if you know that you'll only need use of your new SIM for a few months, it should save you plenty in the long run.

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If you're sniffing around Three, there's a good chance that you've already made up your mind and want to go straight for the jugular - 30GB or unlimited data. But if you're still trying to make up your mind, and have no notion of exactly how much data you'll really need per month, then our quick guide below will help.

Alternatively, why not grab a big data deal for one month, see how much data you use, and then downsize after that? Unlimited texts are a given with Three.

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But lots of plans do place restrictions on calls - usually or minutes. If you don't actually make that many calls from your mobile, then you can bag a cheaper deal by going for one of these.

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Chatterboxes should pay extra for unlimited minutes or, if you're going for a big data deal anyway, make use of apps like WhatsApp or the network's Three inTouch and use data calling. If you buy a phone after visiting this page, TechRadar will be paid a small commission by the network or reseller you buy from. Unlock a new level of data every three months to get an extra MB, then 1GB, then 1. When it arrives, just top up and start using your pack. Get a free SIM, top up later. All our pay as you go phones come pre-loaded with a pack, so you can get online straight out of the box.

Choose a pack with a phone. Still with Orange or T-Mobile? Move to EE.

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Double data for three months: Offer ends Double data will not roll over. Activate your SIM within 90 days of purchase and before If you fail to use your SIM for days you will be disconnected from the network and will no longer be eligible for this offer. Further terms apply, see www. UK only.

You can opt out at any time. Free Boosts: You must have bought at least 12 Packs 7-day subscription or 3 Packs day subscription. You cannot accrue Boosts for 7-day and day subscriptions simultaneously. Boost must be selected within 60 days of notification of eligibility and will be added when you purchase your next pack. If you move between 7-day and day packs, you will lose any Boosts accrued.

See ee. Subject to availability. Personal use only. Check your coverage at ee. You cannot roll over data from add-ons or Free Boosts. You must buy a new qualifying Pack within 7 days of the expiry of the original Pack with unused data to qualify for data rollover. Rollover data lasts for the duration of the Pack Validity Period i.

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Your data allowance will be applied in the following order for each Pack: 1 Rollover data, 2 core pack allowance 3 Free Boosts. Full terms and conditions. Skip to main content.

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