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Atlanta was an accident - a beautifully contrived one, at that. The city is relatively young, tracing its infancy when a random point at the railroad map was called "Terminus. Today, Atlanta is proof that accidents produce the greatest discoveries. The industry's leading giants, including Coca-Cola, has decided to settle in this random point.

The city's progressive feel is imminent wherever you go. The Olympics remain a thing of the past, as Atlanta is now a venue for the South's best nightlife, dining, and art. Guests must see its list of entrepreneurial achievements, starting with the Atlanta history center and the High Museum of Art.

Five million people have resulted from the railroad industry's mishap, and there is no stopping attractions and industries from dotting its fields. Atlanta is riddled with historical buildings, important places, natural beauty and places of interest. Tourism has become one of the most productive of revenue streams in Atlanta over the years, with over 2 million tourists estimated to regularly visit the city every year.

The largest claim to fame that Atlanta can make is its incredibly consistent weather all through the year, a longstanding tradition of producing great leaders and politicians, world class standard of infrastructure, beautifully maintained parks and public places, well restored historical sites and buildings, a host of culinary delights local to the city and a variety of cultural shows taking place in the city, especially in summer months.

For travelers who are on the lookout for an affordable hotel to spend a night or two while they see sights around the city, there are many budget friendly options. Most of the budget hotels in Atlanta are either motels or lodges. If you are a solo traveler with not much valuables in the form of jewelry or cash on you, any street side motel in Atlanta can be a good enough option, given that you are not really unsuited to such cheap establishments.

If you are traveling with your family, you will be better off finding a slightly higher priced but much safer hotel within the city limits, than cheap hotels. Given the length and breadth of the city, it's really not difficult to find such a hotel in Atlanta. As mentioned earlier, Atlanta is among the most toured cities in the South.

This very reason is enough to explain the presence of innumerable luxury hotels in Atlanta. At the top of this luxury hotel chain lies St. Regis Atlanta. A night's stay at St. Similarly, there are other lavish places like Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, Four Seasons Atlanta, Park Hyatt Atlanta, W Atlanta Midtown , Ritz Atlanta, Marriott Gold Atlanta that do not leave any stone unturned and any option untried to make sure that their guests receive the very best of posh amenities that few other hotel establishments can manage or afford to provide.

There's no dearth of things to see and places to visit in Atlanta. Fox Theater is among the best known places in Atlanta. The theater allows visitors to indulge in a number of seasonal plays, along with documenting the history film, music and plays in the United States.

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Another attraction in Atlanta that cannot be left unmentioned is Georgia Aquarium. Often counted among the best in the world, the aquarium is home to over different marine species, and can easily become the high point of a trip to Atlanta for children and adults alike. Atlanta Botanical Garden , in the same vein, presents a number of educational as well as entertaining sites in the form various exotic plant life species from distant corners of the world. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Site in Atlanta, on the other hand, is a must visit place for every traveler and tourist, regardless of their age.

It is a site that never fails to humble visitors with respect for the man who stood up against the odds. Perhaps, it is the best way to conclude your trip to Atlanta, and a very fitting one, indeed! Many famous Atlanta hotels are within short driving distances of the international airport. Being the world's busiest airport, the Hartsfield-Jackson Int. Airport at Atlanta has world class transport infrastructure to ensure that tourists and visitors arriving do not have much difficulties in reaching their destination places in Atlanta.

The real concentration of hotel establishments in Atlanta, however, happens to be in the downtown part of the city, where tourists as well as travelers who are in Atlanta on business find it easier to lodge in terms of getting around in the city. The best time to travel to Atlanta is during the months of May to August.

These are the months when Atlanta is at its brightest and cheeriest with a number of outdoor music and food festivals taking place. During winter months, even though winters down south are not really harsh, tourists can hope to find great deals with Atlanta hotels, allowing them to explore options other than merely cheap hotels. This is not, however, a line set in stone.

Many tourists, especially the ones from Europe, are best advised to visit Atlanta during mild winters that last from September through to January. This makes sense as the intense heat and humidity of summer may make the stay in Atlanta uncomfortable for tourists who are not used to such climes. In the end, it can be said with confidence that the geographical location of Atlanta has made sure that it remains an enjoyable place all year round, rarely experiencing extremes of weather of course, barring seasonal high winds and occasional storms. See gsa. We had dinner at The taste of Paradise Restaurant!

We loved it. Atlanta offers a host of vacation opportunities and the restaurant offerings are phenomenal. Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We really enjoyed the service provided by the service workers at Georgia Aquarium except the inconsistency with information shared by the security and ticket Windows service people.

A few of the service workers told us it was okay to bring food into the part but when we got to the security check station. They did not allow us to bring in our food so we had to take it back to the bus. Atlanta is awesome! Aquarium, zoo , Midtown, nightlife are the best. The variety of things to do in the Buckhead area. The aquarium is amazing and a must see! The people were all friendly and helpful. Atlanta was not on my must see list but I'm so glad I had to come or I would have missed out on a gem!

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CNN tour, braves game, escape Atlanta , copelands restaurant, Chuy's Mexican restaurant was awesome food and service. Atlanta is a great city. There is many things to do and see - all within walking distance. Nearby there were things to offer that accommodated everyone's individual style and taste.

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I highly recommend visiting Martin Luther King's resting place and Agatha's dinner theater. Atlanta was a wonderful city for our field trip. There is a lot to do downtown within walking distance where guests do not need to rent transportation.

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The attractions were our favorite, although I was there for a basketball tournament. Sites could have been better. We loved Buckhead but the traffic is crazy. We took the church group of 80 Six Flagging over GA Thanks for the adventure. All the activities of the city. We had a great time. Our trip was a college trip so we enjoyed the opportunities we had to visit the colleges with our scholars.

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I love the atmosphere of Atlanta. Most of the people were pleasant and courteous. Close to mall and Fox theatre. We were here for the gift show. It was within 5 minutes of the hotel. Restaurants are all within walking distance. Problem was it was "cold" outside. I enjoyed the shopping mall. Of course I came for the sporting event football and enjoyed that as well. Since we were only there for 3 days, our group was interested in seeing the MLK Center for its historic significance.

However, we were unable to tour MLK home due to our inability to secure tickets for our group of The tour of grounds was very informative. Our group enjoyed the southern hospitality, the clean city, and the history of Atlanta. The many good-quality restaurants are also a plus.

Something for everyone's taste. The locals are very friendly, too. I really like the Symphony, the World of Coca-Cola was great for the kids. However, the traffic was terrible. It just puts a damper on everything. The Atlanta History Center is a get interactive experience for a group of teens. Just the sheer breadth of things to do in just a few blocks. Even without a car, walking still allowed us to cover so much territory. The city offers a great, rich history of the Civil Rights Movement era. They offer excellent tours for the younger populations and are very educational.

The Braves game was a blast! I'd definitely go back to ATL for that! If you're looking to visit the city, it is best to buy tickets online to any event which can save you time. Close to Downtown area with plenty of places to see and do. There are also a great number of restaurant choices. It was close to the downtown area.

Plenty of places to see and do and a great choices of restaurants. I enjoyed the underground , Lennox mall and the Perimeter mall. I found the people of Atlanta to be friendly and willing to offer assistance without being asked. I love coming to Atlanta. It's a great city! There are so many things to do and keep you busy in and around the city! Go Braves, Hawks, and Falcons. One word, "Nightlife. Any special occasion gets even better when we celebrate it in Atlanta. The nearby Ruby Tuesday was extremely slow. We enjoyed shopping at the Camp Creek Marketplace.

There was a wide variety of shops and eateries in one convenient location. A big beautiful bustling city. In my personal opinion it's most beautiful at night. Has many attractions. No lack of things to do, there's the opera, lounges, museums and more. I personally love the food truck park right off highway It's seriously the best food from a truck I've ever had! Almost any part of Georgia you will find is beautiful and a great place to visit.

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More Photos. Rates shown are nightly rates before taxes and do not necessarily reflect all Atlanta, GA discounts available. The chart reflects the cheapest Atlanta hotel for each day and each star rating category. Best Time to Visit Atlanta can easily be visited year-round. Below is a chart of the current pricing seasonality of hotels and motels in Atlanta, GA:. Where are the real discounts in Atlanta Hotels around Atlanta offer a variety of discounts you should look for. Atlanta, GA in a nutshell Atlanta was an accident - a beautifully contrived one, at that.

Atlanta, Georgia has played a great part in making America, truly the United States of America in the 20th century. It's a culture of tolerance, of unity, of principles, of standing up for what you believe in and of equality. Variety of Budget Hotels in Atlanta For travelers who are on the lookout for an affordable hotel to spend a night or two while they see sights around the city, there are many budget friendly options.

Things to See in Atlanta There's no dearth of things to see and places to visit in Atlanta.

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Hotels Near Airport in Atlanta Many famous Atlanta hotels are within short driving distances of the international airport. Kenneth C. Carolyn S. Mabel T. Sherel S. Kay S. Paul C. Changela B. Roderick G. Theresa W. Demetria Williams W. Howard K. James R. Sherry S. Chase B. Cassandra T.

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