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There is a great range of product and price comparison sites out there now, so take your pick. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention glass bottle elma and sana spray bottle witch hazel plastic bottle sensitive skin smells like like roses cotton ball moroccan rose wash my face skin care highly recommend high quality love this stuff acne prone love this rose clay powder bubble wrap absolutely love. Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Size: 1 Piece Verified Purchase.

The product I received is not the same as the pictures show on Amazon. It is a plastic bottle within a plastic wrap that has a barcode on it. There is a dent on the cap but no damage on my Amazon cardboard box or the plastic wrap. It claims to be organic but there is no USDA organic stamp on the product description or the bottle. Not does it have the manufacturer contact info or ingredients. I requested Amazon to refund my money since the product description does not match what I got.

I have bought this product consistently for over a year and have liked it in the past. For some reason though this time what I received was not the product I have been purchasing and it did not match the pictured product. One specific reason I originally landed on this product was the fact that it came in a glass bottle as pictured. But with this last order that is not what arrived - what arrived was what appears to be the same brand and same amount of product 4 fl.

I came home to this Amazon package baking in the sun on degree day - from what I understand heating the plastic just makes that leaching worse. Very disappointed they seem to have switched to low-grade plastic bottles. Well, back on the search to find another brand that packages in glass.

I don't think I've ever written a review before, but I feel compelled to share my opinion on this product. I just received it today and have only used it once, so I can't say how my skin reacts to it after prolonged use.

EcoCentric Mom-to-Be Box Included:

However, I'm already feeling disappointed with the product. First, I received the rose water in a white plastic bottle rather than the glass bottle pictured. Others had mentioned this in their reviews, however, there were also those who received a glass bottle and seemed happy with the product.

Second, I'm just not a fan of how this smells. I ran out of my Levenrose Rose Water and it was out of stock so I decided to try something different.

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The Levenrose had a pleasant, natural, non-overpowering rose smell. This product It also has an odd hint of something unpleasant.

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I can't really say what exactly, but kind of a very faint, cheesy smell. I'm very sensitive to smells so maybe the strong odor is just not sitting well with me.

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  • Either way, it's been on my skin now for about 10 minutes and I am tempted to get up and wash my face to get rid of the smell. My other rose water smelled pleasant and the scent didn't linger very long after application. I'm giving this two stars because at least it doesn't feel bad on my skin after the initial application. It's very light and seems to be absorbed fairly quickly.

    If I could, I'd give it 2. Maybe if my skin responds as well to this as my other rose water, I will increase my rating.

    Qoo10 - (ELMASANA)/Personal Care/Skin Care/DIRECT FROM USA/Elma and Sana Moroc : Skin Care

    The first time I ordered this product, it was in glass, as the picture implies. This time, it was in a plastic bottle. I might have to find another supplier, if it isn't going to be the glass. I was happy with the first order, not so much with this one.

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    Another one of my favorites! I absolutely adore the smell of roses and this rose water is awesome! It smells soooooooo good! I use it as my toner but I also spritz it on my face throughout the day.

    Sun Capsule Beauty Coupon 12222

    It works great to tighten my pores and just smells soooooooo good. I know, I already said that! I also let it get in my hair when I spray it on because the smell stays with me longer that way. I use it on my teen age daughter and when my hubby is in a good mood he lets me spray it on his face too. He likes how it makes his skin feel but he thinks he is a bit too masculine to smell rosy.

    I liked this produce so much that I purchased 2 more bottles of it and I am not even close to being out of the first bottle. I plan to take a bottle with me this summer on vacation because I know we will be getting sunburns on the beach.. I know it will be so refreshing to spray this on sore skin. By the way, I put a sprayer on my bottle from a glass spray bottle I had purchased from Amazon. I think the company should actually send these with a sprayer because it is so much more convenient.

    Either way, this is a fabulous product and you should try it. Size: 2 Piece Verified Purchase. Great product it's what I've been looking for and it's an affordable price! The one I was previously using cost way too much for one bottle and this has the one ingredient I want and need. Updated: This is just plan old rose water which is what you should be looking for when considering getting a rose water. The less ingredients he better, you don't want your rose water to have added preservatives, alcohol, etc. I am about to buy my second purchase I use this religiously throughout the day and will not stop using it any time soon.

    Seriously, try it out your skin will love you for it. I LOVE this product! First off, it smells so wonderful and really leaves my face feeling pampered. I'm in my mid fourties but even after years of lifeguarding and the S TX sun, my skin looks great! My only problem is roseacia. I have a very simple skin care routine since I do not wear makeup at all. I just use Thayers Witch hazel followed up with the rose water and then a homemade facial serum.

    I also have used rose water in other handmade beauty protects such as masks and lotions. For me, I really enjoy this product. See all reviews.

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